Ciarán Strange

You may have heard him as foul-mouthed, under-caffeinated NPC Lorelei [Borderlands 3] or the sweet but sassy Luca Esposito [Astra: Lost In Space] — but I.R.L. he’s Ciarán Strange, an eccentric LGBTQ+ voice actor, Twitch affiliate, mental health advocate, urban fantasy author, and indie performing artist. At the tender age of seventeen, he left his family, friends, and little English fishing village behind in order to chase his dreams across the Atlantic! 

The bed-headed redhead has become a familiar face throughout the American geek scene, in most parts due to his music. After touring multiple countries (including the US, UK, Canada, and Japan) and performing at hundreds of shows, conventions, and festivals, Ciarán joined forces with kindred artistic spirit Dave Kitsberg (Spoony Bards, Time Crash). The two are now delving into the world of geeky covers and parodies, as well as writing fresh original concept material in all sub-genres of pop-rock influenced by many of their fandom inspirations. This cache of new music is set to be released in 2019/20 under the project name We Are The Chaos. The band’s debut single, LEGACY, is available on all music streaming services, along with some of Ciarán’s older solo tunes. 

Musical ventures aside, this multi-media artist has been swept up in the launch of multiple book series, all of which take place on different sides of the same earth in the #Flareborne universe. His main (and favourite) project, “Black Tie” by Ciarán Strange, is a M/M paranormal romance series of action thriller novels he’s pitched as “gay James Bond in a world of superheroes”, and has an impending sequel due out in Fall 2019.