For Guests

Note: POC is currently closed to new clients. We apologize for the inconvenience. You’re welcome to reach out to us for a complimentary consulting phone call, or to discuss our waitlist. Regretfully, the wait averages a year or more due to our focus on clients already with us. Thanks for your interest!

We have the knowledge and experience to ask for the right things, and get you to the best conventions for you. And we’ll work with you to decide where you want to go and what you want to do.

You’re a person to us, not just a paycheck.

We’ve heard the horror stories. You did a convention and the only meal offered was chips & dip. You spent longer trapped in layovers than you did at the con itself. Your airport ride forgot you. You missed out on work for a convention that didn’t pay you. You went to a convention and were the guest nobody cared about.

Or, maybe you’re trying to break into conventions and don’t know where to start. Should you email them? Is that too pushy?

What you need is someone who knows how to talk to conventions. We can help!

We know this world, and this world knows us.

Jinnie has worked for conventions for 15 years, starting in Los Angeles (Pacific Media Expo, 2004-2010) and continuing in Denver (currently, Colorado Anime Fest and previously, Nan Desu Kan, 2007-2013) and Anime Milwaukee (currently). Prior shows also include Baltimore (Otakon, 2013), Columbus (Matsuricon, 2015), Arizona (briefly, Saboten Con, Con-Nichiwa and Kikori Con in 2013), New Mexico (Sabaku Con, 2013) and Atlanta (Anime Weekend Atlanta, 2014). She’s considered a go-to advisor and mentor by anime conventions around the world.

Because of our history, there’s no con we don’t know. We know the cons who act as trendsetters for guests trying to get a foot in the overall circuit door, cons stellar at guest services and not so hot at everything else, cons seen as growing and promising, and cons to avoid at all costs. We’ll ensure there is a mutually beneficial agreement in place before you even arrive.

But wait, there’s more!

Want to establish an online presence to help get your name out there so you get requested more? From social media management to website design, we can help with that too.