For Cons

No extra agent fees. No required free agent vacations. Ability to work with any budget. Prompt replies. Guests with current and fan fav titles. Unmatched professional experts to enhance convention programming. A deep understanding of conventions. This is agenting as it should be done: Welcome to Point of Contact Booking!

We’re convention staffers ourselves. So we’re very aware of the following typical scenarios:

  • You need a guest who will help you get the most attendees in the door as possible, and have no idea how to judge that.
  • You want guests who represent the best value, in terms of fee vs. credits.
  • You invited a guest, and then didn’t hear back. Do you move on? Try again?
  • You have a guest confirmed and you need to get your program printed… but you don’t have panel descriptions and haven’t gotten an email reply in weeks.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

We’re here to make things easier for guests and conventions.

From ensuring prompt communication from con to guest (and vice-versa) to coordinating with media and internet promotion to even wrangling guests onsite, this is the link you’ve been missing. POC is not your roadblock in between guests. We’re your bridge to guests.

Our clients include up-and-comers and established veterans. And there’s no drama here, we’ll work with your budget and convention requirements to find the best possible outcome for all involved.

This is our world, too.

Jinnie has worked for conventions for 15 years, starting in Los Angeles (Pacific Media Expo, 2004-2010) and continuing in Denver (currently, Colorado Anime Fest and previously, Nan Desu Kan, 2007-2013) and Anime Milwaukee (currently). Prior shows also include Baltimore (Otakon, 2013), Columbus (Matsuricon, 2015), Arizona (briefly, Saboten Con, Con-Nichiwa and Kikori Con in 2013), New Mexico (Sabaku Con, 2013) and Atlanta (Anime Weekend Atlanta, 2014). She’s considered a go-to advisor and mentor by anime conventions around the world, and, as the founder of popular Facebook Group We Run Anime Cons and other associated groups, has spoken at panels for convention runners at Otafest (Calgary, Alberta), Convocon (Chicago, IL) Project Anime (LA, CA) and Anime Weekend Atlanta (GA).

For us, conventions are a sacred, safe place.

Conventions are more alike than different, whether you’re across the globe or spanning across North America. No matter where you go, one thing is true: our attendees like very niche subjects. Sometimes that means that conventions are the only place where they feel like they can be themselves; the only place where they’re among friends who like what they like.

In many ways, conventions are the happiest places on earth. They’re a safe zone.

You need guests who understand that too, whose number one priority is making sure your attendees go home happy and fulfilled after convention weekend. We can help you find them.