POC teams up with Talent For Cons to send great guests to Anime Expo!

Our friends over at Talent For Conventions kindly invited us to participate in a grand experiment—a “comic con” style autograph area in Anime Expo’s Entertainment Hall.

Over 40 actors from both agencies will greet AX 2017 attendees for 3-hourish long autograph blocks all 4 days.

POC family members and friends participating are listed in bold below. This page will be updated with prices as AX draws closer.

A valid AX badge is required. Sessions are first come first serve, no tickets necessary.


10:00 AM – Paul Eiding (from Ben 10) & Maile Flanagan (from Naruto)

11:00 AM – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (from Ghost in the Shell) & Steve Blum (from Cowboy Bebop)

2:00 PM – Richard Horvitz (from Invader Zim) & Rikki Simons (from Invader Zim)

3:00 PM – Max Mittelman (from One Punch Man) & Cassandra Lee Morris (from Persona 5)

6:00 PM – Courtenay Taylor (from Mass Effect) & Keith Silverstein (from Hunter x Hunter)

7:00 PM – Kimberly Brooks (from Voltron: Legendary Defender) & Jessica DiCicco (from Adventure Time)


10:00 AM – Jennifer Paz (from Steven Universe) & Deedee Magno Hall (from Steven Universe)

11:00 AM – Shelby Rabara (from Steven Universe) & Michaela Dietz (from Steven Universe)

2:00 PM – Cat Taber (from Star Wars: The Clone Wars) & Erica Lindbeck (from Persona 5)

3:00 PM – Beau Billingslea (from Cowboy Bebop) & Melissa Fahn (from Cowboy Bebop)

6:00 PM – William Salyers (from Regular Show) & Tony Anselmo (the voice of Donald Duck)

7:00 PM – Gregg Berger (from The Transformers) & Zach Callison (Steven Universe)


10:00 AM – Brina Palencia (from One Piece) & Kari Walgren (from Rick & Morty)

11:00 AM – David Sobolov (from The Flash) & Tony Oliver (from Robotech)

2:00 PM – Jeff Nimoy (from Digimon) & Tara Sands (from Pokemon)

3:00 PM – Nicolas Roye (from Digimon) & Kellen Goff (from Five Nights at Freddy’s)

6:00 PM – Barbara Goodson (from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) & Paul St. Peter (from Kingdom Hearts)

7:00 PM – Kirk Thornton (from Digimon) & Orion Acaba (from Critical Role)


10:00 AM – Rodger Bumpass (from SpongeBob Squarepants), Debbie Derryberry (from Jimmy Neutron), & Jason Paige (singer: Pokemon Theme)

2:00 PM – Chris Jai Alex (from One Punch Man), Kyle Hebert (from Dragon Ball Z), & Nicki Rapp (from Psychonauts)