We are Point of Contact Booking LLC ®, the premier convention booking agency and friend to conventions and actors alike. Our focus is on happy attendees, not dollar signs. Imagine that.

Meet Jinnie
A. “Jinnie” McManus was born in S. Korea and raised in Aurora, CO. An admitted anime newbie, she fell in love with anime conventions at first sight and never looked back. This is her sixteenth year as a high-level convention volunteer staffer, spanning both coasts of the US and some states in between.

Currently, she’s on the staff roster for Colorado Anime Fest (CO). She also assists and mentors conventions of numerous topics worldwide and is regularly sought out as a global influential voice on the convention circuit.

Jinnie graduated from Metropolitan State University with a degree in Public Relations, and has handled PR, special event bookings, social media and website design for more than 21 years.

Outside of cons, Jinnie’s loves include country music, the Backstreet Boys, reading, helping conventions talk to each other, and marathoning various series-es on Netflix.

Meet K!

Born and raised on the best coast, K. Watson has worked in the music and comic/anime world for the past eight years. She has written articles for Canadian Musician Magazine, and has been called on to lecture to university students as far away as Manchester UK. She’s been managing acts for the past four years, and has tour managed on three continents. She’s excited for the next chapter of working with Point of Contact and their incredible roster.

Here’s how we’re different.

We’ve worked on both sides of the fence. We know how cons pick guests, and we know how much they cringe when agents get involved in negotiations.

We’ve also worked with convention guests for more than a decade. We know how agents can protect them, and we know how valuable their time is.

Our goal is to be an advocate for guests AND conventions.

Point of Contact Booking helps bridge the gap between conventions of any size and potential guests. We’ll work with a convention’s budget and a guest’s work schedule to create the best possible experience. From ensuring prompt communication to ensuring conventions have the guests who appeal most to their attendees, we’ll make sure everyone comes out a winner.

Oh, and last thing: per POC policy, conventions don’t have to worry about extra agent fees, hidden or otherwise. Seriously.

In the end, happy guests mean good guests. Good guests mean happy attendees. Good conventions are successful because they make attendee happiness their number one priority.

That’s our priority, too.

For the record

Point of Contact Booking is:
Principal: A. Jinnie McManus
Consultant: Sarah “Sully” Sullivan
Associate Agent; Music Specialist: K. Watson

Current clients: View roster

Former clients ❤️ (we’re happy to forward professional inquiries): Bryce Papenbrook, Christopher Sabat, Stephanie Sheh, J. Michael Tatum, Christopher Patton, Matthew Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Cassandra Lee Morris, Leah Clark, Zach Aguilar, Ian Sinclair, Austin Tindle and ❤️Billy Kametz❤️.

Thank you, K. Perotti. POC loves you.