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I’m different from any agent who has come before, because I’m also a convention veteran. But don’t just take it from me.


Faisal Ahmed, CEO: Anime Weekend Atlanta, Atlanta GA
“Jinnie is a new breed of agent; she is redefining the way conventions can work with guests. Jinnie is one of the only agents who understands the needs of a convention while also making sure that a guest is taken care of and has a great time.”

Kate Fletcher, Former Assistant Director of Relations: Kumoricon, Portland OR
“Because she comes from a convention background, Jinnie knows and understands the needs of a convention first hand. As an agent she is easy to work with, prompt, and most importantly wants to ensure that both her clients and the convention come to an agreement that works for both parties. Working with a great agent always makes negotiations so much easier, and starts off the staff’s experience on a good note. I’d recommend working with Jinnie to any guest department, or client in search of an agent.”

Morgan Kollin, Founder: Youmacon/Defying Conventions, Detroit MI
“Jinnie knows conventions, and she knows guests. To sum up things like this wouldn’t even be covered by Cliff Notes. She understands the relationships that an event and talent need to make a show run smoothly, and knows better than most the way that the two can properly work together. Getting the mix right is not an easy thing, but Jinnie has proved through experience that she has things in hand, and makes it look easy. Definitely a pleasure to work with, she was able to connect us with great guests with no hassle.”

Matilda Madden, Chair: Zenkaikon, Lancaster PA
“When it comes to professionalism, Jinnie is a tough act to beat. Not only is she friendly, thorough, prompt and welcoming, but she has years of experience. Any con (or guest) would be making a solid choice with her.”

Christopher Stuckey, Co-Chair: MomoCon, Atlanta GA
“Jinnie has been one of the most responsive and pleasant to work with agents for MomoCon. She understands the importance of prompt communication and has a deep understanding of the convention environment. We would recommend her to any event which is looking to feature some amazing vocal talent.”

Shareece Tatum, Co-Chair: SoDak Anime Convention, Rapid City SD
“Jinnie has been a great asset to the convention community. Not only has she been one of the key roles on helping conventions communicate and help each other; she has helped conventions, big or small, try to achieve their best. Jinnie understands what it is like to be a small convention but also knows the ins and outs of big conventions. To have Jinnie on your side is a guarantee to open your eyes to new possibilities and to help you give your attendees the best experience they can have at your convention.”

Corey Wood, Convention Chair: Anime Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI
“Jinnie is like no other. She works with conventions as if you are her best friend. She looks out for the convention, while maintaining the guests needs. Not only is she super friendly, but the upmost helpful with negotiating and taking a step by step process throughout the entire booking process from start to finish. I will forever recommend Jinnie!”


Bamboo Dong, Managing Editor: Anime News Network
“Jinnie is a wonderful person to work with. She’s very gracious and hospitable, and always makes everyone feel like an A-list guest.”

Jason Moses, Features Writer: Otaku USA Magazine
“Working with Jinnie has always been a joy, year after year. Supremely responsive and flexible, she always makes sure you’re happily taken care of, no matter the situation. Oh, and the muffins she bakes are the best.”

Kevin McKeever, Vice President of Marketing: Robotech/Harmony Gold
“Whenever I work with Jinnie at a convention, I always know that no matter what happens (fire alarms, floods, tornados, blizzards) I will and the fans be well taken care of and have a great time.”

Ryan Kopf, CEO:
“Jinnie cares about the guests, the attendees, and the conventions too, and that’s the most important thing. Too many people forget that there are a lot of people in the equation, and she works to make everyone happy equally.”