Kieran Strange

Singer, Emcee, Cosplayer
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Aside from being an acclaimed Cosplayer, LARPer, Slytherin, Firebender, Half-Elf Rogue, and self-proclaimed crazy cat dad, Kieran Strange is a quirky, dynamic young artist blending pop sensibilities, edgy guitars, and extremely high-energy live shows into his own personal brand of British pop-rock.

Raised on a variety of music genres above his grandmother’s pub in a small fishing village in southern England, Kieran left his family behind at the tender age of seventeen to follow his heart and chase his dream of making music, all whilst singing songs about zombies, relationships gone awry, D&D, and video gaming.

As he stands firmly as a voice for the different and discarded, Kieran’s die-hard fans, who are disenchanted with the mainstream sense of mind, have coined themselves the #Strangers; their numbers span across the globe, from all four corners of North America out as far as Europe and Asia. Kieran is fiery, verbal, and passionate when it comes to his beliefs, and some of the causes he fights to help support are feminism and equal rights, autism awareness, cancer research, eating disorder and mental health awareness, and anti-bullying both online and off.

Hot on the heels of his debut EP Adamantine Heart, Kieran will be unveiling his sophomore EP Last Hero Standing in the fall of 2014. He also worked with the cast and crew of transgender television sitcom The Switch to compose a theme song for the show. Amidst multiple convention appearances, art work releases, and costume crafting, Kieran is also currently working on a side-project with Japanese-inspired apparel and accessories company Tasty Peach Studios, which will feature J-pop influenced tunes written by Strange, along with cute animations and designs in collaboration with TPS‘s talented graphic artist, Ryan Zanfei, who is responsible for the extremely popular characters currently featured in TPS‘ products.

“I was really anxious about being open with the world about who I am,” says Strange, “especially when it comes to how much I love to game and LARP, and my cosplay. I was scared the music industry wouldn’t take me seriously. But the strength and confidence I’ve gained from the incredible con-goers and cosplayers I’ve met all over North America has inspired me to just be myself, wholeheartedly and unapologetically. And I encourage every single one of my #Strangers to do the same!”